Thursday, November 25, 2004

Anyone who knows me knows that adjectives like "sappy" and "sentimental" don't usually describe me, but on Thanksgiving, you'll have to forgive me. On a day when we had planned what would have been our last road trip before hunkering down for the winter to wait for Mary's Feb. 12 due date, we instead spent much of the day with our son. We didn't expect him so soon, but now that we have him, we couldn't be more thankful. And we can't begin to express how thankful we are to all the family, friends and strangers who have helped us in many ways over this past month. In particular, we are thankful to everyone at the UI NICU who have all taken such good care of Will. We'd be by his side 24-7 if we could, and it helps to know he's in good hands when we're not there to see for ourselves.

And Will? Right now he's thankful for dexamethasone. It's a real wonder drug for him, helping him for a second straight day to breathe really well and to keep all of his stats right where they should be. He'll finish this current course tonight, and we hope the effects will last a while. They don't give it regularly like they once did because long-term use has been shown to cause some developmental problems. These shorter, less-frequent courses are fine, however, so it's nice that he can get some help like this now and again.

The NICU was a flurry of activity tonight; one baby across the hall was getting surgery, while word was they were expecting another 24-weeker later on. It seems as if the babies synch their schedules at times like this. Will is quiet at a time when the doctors need to be elsewhere, while others have had quiet days when Will needed the attention.

Tomorrow is Will's one-month birthday (different from the four-week birthday he celebrated on Tuesday... we'll let him celebrate every day at this point), and that's a pretty amazing milestone. He has a few more to go at the hospital before he gets to come home, but having one month under his (diaper) belt is big. He's come a long way.


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