Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Well, maybe we rushed it a bit on that milk thing. Seems Will has his own ideas about eating, so the doctors decided to ease up a bit on his feeding schedule. His digestive system is very underdeveloped at this point -- he wasn't really expecting to get his own meals for several more weeks -- so they want to take it easy.

I received a couple of questions about the caffeine injections: Why, if he's on a ventilator, does he need to remember to breathe? Well, even though the ventilator does much of the work for him, he still must contribute a bit to the process. The caffeine will help with that now, and will help him to better deal with breathing on his own as they back off the ventilator and eventually remove it. The condition is called apnea of prematurity, and it is fairly common in premature babies.
He did graduate from the jaundice light today... at least for now. It might come back, but for the time being, his numbers are good and he can go without the shades for a bit. His skin was looking better today, too, which makes for a couple of bright spots in a day where the news about his eating and breathing could have been better. Even so, the doctors assure us that his numbers and condition are well within what they expect for a baby at Will's age and size.


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