Wednesday, December 01, 2004

We talked with the surgeons this morning about Will's surgery, and while we wish he didn't need to go through this, it helped to discuss the procedure and to see and hear the confidence with which they speak. There are risks involved with this, of course, but this surgery is fairly routine for premature babies, it seems. There is nothing routine for a 1 lb. 10 oz. baby (yes, Will has bulked up again thanks to some more fluid retention), but he seems to be doing well and resting comfortably, as if he knows that he's got a real battle to fight tomorrow. His situation is a real Catch-22 -- Ideally they would wait until he is bigger before doing this, but he needs the surgery so he can get bigger. Tomorrow is going to be a really long day, followed by more that promise to be just as long as we watch him recover. Thanks for all of the support. It helps all three of us to get through this.


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