Monday, November 08, 2004

Well, that rollercoaster keeps rolling along, and for now, we're definitely headed up. After a very rough Saturday and Sunday, Will was in a much better place this morning. His breathing was much improved, with the level of oxygen being given to him at a low level (after being as high as it could get early Sunday) and his ventilator turned down to levels more in line with what he needed a week ago. The attending physician went so far as to say, "We all have big smiles today," when asked about how Will was responding to the indomethacin. That's about as optimistic as I've ever seen a physician get, certainly in the past two weeks. That said, the PDA still must actually close completely, not just most of the way as it has thus far, and there is a chance that it could re-open in a few days and still require surgery. We hope, however, that if that does happen, this time of calm and recovery would mean Will would be stronger and better able to tolerate it if it must be done.

He will finish this second course of indomethacin tonight and will probably get another echocardiogram tomorrow to track the status of the PDA. If it has closed, he'll put the feed bag back on (OK, it's really just a tiny syringe, but the little guy hasn't eaten in a long time) and try to bulk up a little bit. If it is still open, they'll discuss the merits of a third course vs. going ahead with surgery.

In less clinical news, Will had a good visit with his aunt Nora and Pop Pop (that would be Mary's Dad for those of you who don't speak Geraghty), and seemed to be showing off for them with his impressive breathing skills by the time they headed back to East Lansing and Evanston after a quick trip to Iowa. We'll see if he's filled with the same vim and vigor tonight when his visitors are just Mom and Dad.


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