Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I certainly expected to be more excited when Will topped 1,000 grams, but it wasn't much of a milestone for him to pass today. Yes, he's a whole kilogram now, but little if any of the weight he has put on the past few days is actually him. Sick babies retain fluid, as we've been told, and he's retaining a considerable amount right now. Few could imagine how a two-pound baby could be chubby, but Will is right now, and it seems to be making him fairly miserable. The attending physician, Dr. Dagle, said Will needs to "tough it out" right now, because while he's uncomfortable for him to be so bloated, it would be unwise to make him get rid of the fluid before his body does so naturally. Well, Will has been toughing it out for the past seven weeks, so I'm sure he'll be able to do so for a couple more days to get through this. Relief is in sight -- he started another course of dexamethasone today that should get him back on track.


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