Sunday, December 12, 2004

OK, I've finally figured out this weight thing. Will weighed 937 on Friday, 911 on Saturday, and 931 today. My bad memory and a nurse transposing two days' worth of measurements are to blame for the mix-up. So, he was two pounds on Friday and today, but not yesterday. He probably won't be two pounds tomorrow either, because they're holding off on his feedings today while he, um, works some things out. He's been a bit more fidgety today and needing more oxygen than in the past couple of days, but he's still doing well overall. Any number of things could explain the fidgeting, including the bronchiopulmonary displaysia mentioned a couple of days ago, or the aforementioned need to "work some things out."

Yesterday was a milestone for Mary and me. She headed to Hancher Auditorium to see the Joffrey Ballet's "Nutcracker" with tickets she's had for months, while I went to the Corridor Business Journal holiday party. These were our first evening social outings since before Will was born. While I spent most of my time talking about Will, and Mary no doubt spent a good portion of her evening thinking about him, we were able to get away for a bit without having him show any signs of distress. We each went straight to visit him after our respective outings (what are the odds they'd both be on the same night?) and found him quietly sleeping. As many have reminded us, we need to do things like this, because he'll need even more of our attention when he comes home. We know that, but it's hard to convince ourselves that we should spend our free time doing anything other than being with him.


Blogger Anne D said...

John and Mary: There is another reason for parents to take time off! It's called sanity. Will will be a much happier kid if his parents haven't made themselve crazy because they haven't given themselves any space. Also, you two need time together as adults. Lots of love to you all. We're all thinking about you.


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