Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Now that he's had the excitement of being held in his father's arms, Will can move on to the next exciting thing: eating. His feeding schedule is getting back on track, close to where he was at his best just before his surgery last week. That way he can bulk up and get ready for another session of cuddling, this time with his Mom. If he continues to do well today and tonight, that should be on the schedule for tomorrow. There will be pictures a-plenty of that event, so stay tuned and stock up on tissues.

Overall, he is doing pretty well. He still gets a bit agitated at times, but it seems that might still be some lingering pain and/or discomfort from his surgery. Otherwise, he has been wide-eyed and alert for the most part. They are trying to get his schedule a bit more in synch with the whole daytime-nighttime thing because he went into and came out of the sedation for his surgery at times that seemed to throw that off. It's hard enough when you're in a room with no windows, so anything he does to approximate day and night is a step in the right direction.

And to show that all problems related to Will aren't Will's fault, he had further trouble with his CO2 overnight. They tried everything to solve it, but couldn't find a solution. Finally, after a call to the doctor at home, they decided to switch his ventilator (the same one I had been complaining about for two days because it sounded like there were loose parts banging around inside of it). Lo and behold, the switch did the trick. Not only was his CO2 back on track after that, but it was at a level good enough to allow for the shaking aspect to be turned down a bit more again. As usual, we parent where we can, no matter how strange the method.


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