Monday, December 06, 2004

Well, my birthday passed uneventfully Sunday -- as was my wish -- but the day after my birthday was something special. I was able to hold Will for the first time. They needed to change his bed -- to literally switch the one he'd been using for another one -- and needed to do something with him while they did so. They decided he was stable enough for some "kangaroo care," which involves a parent holding the baby to his or her bare chest for some good skin-to-skin contact. Because it was a bit easier for me to unbutton my shirt, I got the first turn. By the time they had tried two beds to finally find one where the warmer worked, I had held Will for about an hour. It was amazing, the most overwhelming thing I've ever experienced. It's one thing to hold your newborn son, it's another to get the chance after seeing him struggle for six weeks and not be able to do much more than cup your hand to his head in the hope that it will be soothing. Here I'm holding him as they took him out of the bed just before I "kangarooed" him. More photos to follow. Suffice to say that this was about the best birthday present I've ever received.


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