Wednesday, December 01, 2004

While Mary and I are nervous about tomorrow, Will seems to be taking things in stride. He continues to do well, holding his oxygen, moving fluid through his system, digesting his food and staying calm. That bodes well for tomorrow. Better to do the surgery when he's strong than to wait until he's so sick that it becomes a matter of survival. Our minds are on his recovery, and we want that to come as quickly and smoothly as possible.

People have asked why he needs the surgery if he is doing so well. He is doing well, based on where he is developmentally right now. But he should be further along than he is, and his lung development is being held up by the PDA and the inefficiencies it causes. The doctors told us his heart has to work twice as hard as it should at times to make up for the fact that it must pump blood twice -- once when it sends it out, and again after that blood, shunted back to the lungs after it has already been oxygenated, comes back to the heart before going out to his organs and extremities. With the PDA sealed up for good, things will work efficiently and will help him to concentrate on growing.

We have heard from a lot of people wishing us well, sharing good thoughts and prayers, and we want to thank you for the support. I have said it before, and it has never been more true -- this is the toughest thing we've ever been through, and knowing that many, many people are out there lifting us up will help us to deal with what tomorrow brings.

I know people will be checking on Thursday to see how Will comes through the surgery. I'll try to get to a computer to let everyone know when the surgery begins and again when we're able to get back in and see him after it's done.


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