Thursday, December 02, 2004

Seeing Will tonight, you'd never guess what he went through today. When we first came in the room after his surgery, he looked like he'd just run a race: he was splayed out on his bed, arms and legs spread wide, his mouth hanging open and what little hair he has was sticking up. Once they got him straightened up, however, he seemed like the same Will we'd left before, save for a new big bandage on his side and a tube to drain the incision. When we left tonight, he was sleeping peacefully, still not needing much oxygen and doing pretty well. They have warned us that he'll probably have a tough night, and maybe a rough couple of days as he recovers, but if so, he was definitely easing into that tonight. The good news is that the PDA was small and easy to tie off, so now he can push that hurdle aside and work on getting bigger and letting his lungs grow.

This was an exhausting day, but one with a happy ending.


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