Saturday, December 04, 2004

In the parlance of the NICU, Will is "two days post-op, sitting at saturations of between 85 and 95 at FIO2 between 30 and 50, etc..." In the parlance of Will's blog, that means he is having a good day.

Just 48 hours after what we consider to be pretty invasive surgery, Will is doing really well. He still is resting comfortably, seemingly with little if any pain, and really seems to have benefited from having the PDA taken out of the equation. Some of that might be the morphine and other things they gave him to help him ease back into the real world after surgery, but the doctors today said that they don't expect any sort of post-operative "crash" at this point.

So, hoping that is indeed the case, we now wait in anticipation of the benefits of having done the surgery. We'd be OK if Will could pass a few days (or weeks) of drama-free, slow, steady growth.


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