Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Will is back up over 3 pounds again, but he continues to bulk up with retained fluid rather than brawn. They estimate his true weight as being closer to 2 1/2 pounds, so he has plenty of fluid to get rid of at this point. They did tap the area around his lung close to midnight, but they took out less than they had previously and that, coupled with the fact that they went about 36 hours before needing to do it again would seem to indicate that the medicine is having some effect. Otherwise, we're just hoping for a nice quiet day. He seems to be getting agitated every once in a while, and his stats drop off during these episodes. It's not unexpected -- if anything, I'd be more worried if all of the poking and prodding of the past couple of days didn't get him mad -- but it will be nice when he can get some of these things behind him, be a bit more comfortable and spend his time growing.


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