Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dear Will,
A year without you. It hardly seems possible. Maybe because we're never really without you. You remain central in our lives and hearts, everywhere we go and in everything we do. You gave us a preview of life as Mom and Dad, taught us patience, worry, joy and love as we'd never known it before. And now you've sent us Edward, perhaps to ease the blow of this anniversary but certainly to love and treasure as much as we love and treasure you.

No one can ever take your place. Nothing will ever make us forget. The mere thought of this date, January 22, conjures the emotions as if not a minute had passed in the iterim. I still see your face. I still hear the doctors. I still see myself holding you, staring at you, wondering how I might go on without you, knowing that letting you go was the only way to end your pain. Our hearts still ache for you and always will.

No one ever called you "big" until you became a "big brother." Edward will always know you are near, watching out for him, cheering him, laughing with him, loving him as we love him and love you. We're a family in so many ways beyond the visible. Others may not see it, but you are with us always, giving us wisdom, reminding us of what is important. We'll keep you close this day and all days.



Anonymous Aunt Peg said...

Meg and John: I have been so conscious that this weekend is the anniversary of Will's going from us. But like you I feel as if he is always there. Now as a "big" brother, he is surely an extra guardian angel to Edward. We will always love them both. Aunt Peggy

9:35 PM  
Blogger The Florida Masochist said...

Mary and John,

I know how you feel and the pain you suffer from Will's death. My dear wife and I will have our third anniversary on Jan 26th of our son Daniel's death. He lived 14.5 hours but the memory and pain will last forever. Congrats on your new baby. God bless all of you.

Bill Jempty
aka The Florida Masochist
Father to Daniel born 1-25-03
He went to heaven 1-26-03
Daniel's story-

PS- I learned of your blog via a link from Professor Tung Yin's blog.

6:47 PM  

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