Friday, April 10, 2009

Tonight we went to the final Lenten Fish Fry at the Catholic high school. Edward was enjoying his kids meal of cheese pizza and mac&cheese and taking in the new surroundings of the high school cafeteria. "What's that," he asked, pointing high up on the wall. It was a statue of Jesus with his arms outstretched as if blessing all who eat there.

"That's Jesus," I replied.

"Does he live far away in Heaven?" Edward asked

"Yes, buddy. Jesus lives in Heaven with Will."

"Does he get to play with Will?"

"Yes, I think Jesus does play with Will."

"Do they have a dining room?"

This last bit might be a puzzler unless you know that, lacking any dining room furniture, we use our dining room as a play room. It's filled with the kids' toys and that's where we spend most of our play time together.

"Yes," we managed to respond. "I bet there is a dining room in heaven for Will to play in."


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God Bless your family,

Chris Garrett

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