Sunday, April 22, 2007

What an amazing day we had yesterday at the Iowa City WalkAmerica. It was gorgeous and sunny with a light breeze to keep us cool as we walked six miles in memory of Will, in honor of Edward and in support of the important work of the March of Dimes. Many of our friends joined us, some with their kids in strollers and a few eagerly awaiting the big day. We are deeply grateful to all who supported us this year, near and far. It looks like Team Kenyon topped the $2,000 mark in fundraising this year, but more than that, we're continuing the important work Will set out for his in his short life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted you to know that my son's school did a fundraiser for the walk, as a family from St. Matthew's benefitted from the March of Dimes. In fact, one of the kids is in his class. Each child was asked to donate $1.00 and then wear either a blue or pink shirt with Jeans. They helped the family raise $240.00 from St. Matthew school.

I have followed this blog since Will's untimely death and the celebration of Edward.

Take Care, Michelle Medberry

10:27 PM  

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