Monday, June 26, 2006

We had a family reunion this weekend and it was our first opportunity to meet our nephew/cousin Sean, who was born about two months after Will died. I had thought it would be hard to see him, that I'd look at him and only think of what should have been. I think John and I had a moment of that when we first saw him run across the lawn, but it didn't diminish our joy in meeting him and watching him with his sisters and cousins.

We have several friends who have children born just before and just after Will. I do sometimes think, "That's what Will should be doing," or "That's how big he'd be by now." But I'm also starting to believe and accept that actually, Will was never "supposed to" do any of that. His life was short but so powerful. He carried out his life's work in just under 13 weeks. It hardly seems possible, but we have reminders all around us of the profound meaning and value of that short life.

In fact, the greatest reminder of all is his brother, Edward.


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