Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The power of Will continues to amaze me. I posted Sunday about March of Dimes and by Tuesday afternoon I'd met my fundraising goal of $250--amazing! Three generous sponsors are people we've never met but who have gotten to know our family through these blogs. They wrote us notes to say how much they've been touched by Will's life and our family's journey over the last year. For a little guy, he sure has had a big impact on the world.

I never mentioned another "gift from Will," which is my sister's job. She had been a postpartum nurse but after our NICU experience she was interested in that type of nursing as well so she accepted an offer for cross-training at her hospital. This winter there were some staff cuts and reassignments, but her job was safe because of her ability to care for mothers and babies, healthy and challenged. Will's looking out for all of us and it feels good to know he's there.

John also has now registered as a Team Kenyon walker and set a fundraising goal. Since we've met our first goal, we'll see how much we can add. It's a little confusing that he has to have his own page, but that's just how it's set up online. Each walker has his/her own page even if walking with a team like ours. Some teams set collective goals, but since our team is still assembling as we determine who will be able to come to the walk, we'll just be happy to get together on April 29 and celebrate whatever amount we're able to contribute to the important work of the March of Dimes.


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