Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Another quick note after an all-too-short visit this morning with Will before coming to work. The big news is that the umbilical line is out and he was placed on his stomach for the first time. He seemed to take to it right away; he promptly fell asleep and reassured Dad by breathing deeply, his little back rising up and down like a champ. He had more surfactant last night, and his chest x-ray for the first time today actually revealed what look like lungs (to my untrained eye, anyway). Before, the doctors would point to areas that were a slightly different shade of grey from the rest and say, "Those are his lungs." Now, they are more defined and you can tell he's getting better oxygen.

He got his last dose of indomethacin last night, and the nurses and doctors today say they can no longer hear the telltale murmur. It will take an echocardiogram tomorrow to know for sure if the PDA has closed, but we take this as a good sign.

I may take a photo to post showing his backside. He'd likely protest if given the chance, but since his front side has been documented so well, I think it's only fair. His Arizona cousins thought for a while that my initial statement to his grandparents that his size was "like a Coke can" (why this devoted Diet Pepsi drinker said that, I have no idea... I blame the stress of the moment) meant that he really looked like a Coke can. Now that we have disabused them of this notion with photos to the contrary, it might be nice to show them the rest of him, too.


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