Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Here is Will sleeping very soundly on his stomach tonight. As you can see, they have three of his four limbs somewhat restrained at all times. On his left arm is his blood pressure cuff (a Hewlett Packard no. 1, the smallest they make, of course); on his right arm is his IV line hidden by a knit sleeve; and on his left foot is the pulse-oximeter. He still can squirm quite a bit despite it all, and we assume that it will only make him stronger. His right heel sports a bandage to cover a spot where they stuck his heel to draw blood (an unfortunate side effect of losing the arterial umbilical line last week). The sensors on his back are the same ones he had on his front side in other photos, measuring respirations, temperature and heart rate.

Things were going well tonight. He was very still for much of our visit and his oxygen needs were low. The NICU was a busy place today and tonight as his neighbors came and went. We've told Will that we're fine with him being the quiet, low-maintenance one on the floor. It was a good way to celebrate his two-week birthday tonight.

They will take an echocardiogram tomorrow to see if the PDA has closed; no one seemed to be able to hear the heart murmur today, which was a good sign.

I've been remiss about giving updates about Mary, who was our other patient during all of this. She is doing well; still tired and recovering from both the C-section and the HELLP Syndrome, but doing remarkably well given where she was just two weeks ago. Frequent naps and even more frequent visits with Will seem to be good medicine.


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