Thursday, December 30, 2004

Will seems primed to have a good day today. I know such sentiments have seemed to jinx him in the past, but it feels good to be optimistic just four days on from that 3 a.m. phone call. Though he crept up over 1500 grams today, his head seems less swollen, so maybe he is starting to get rid of some of the fluid he has taken on. They did need to tap him last night, but got about the same as they had the last time, which seems to indicate that it's at least not getting much worse. He leaked a lot more of the general fluid he's been holding after the tap (They basically stick a needle into the area around his lung and draw off the fluid there; the hole in his skin that this leaves allows a way out for the fluid elsewhere in his body to escape). Because his potassium level is better, they decided to start him a diuretic again that should help him to pee off even more of the fluid. Dr. Dagle today referred to the overall fluid retention, or edema, as "a cosmetic issue" today. The fluid around the lung is what is most troublesome. Still, it can't feel good to take on so much weight each day, so cosmetic or not, we're glad he's starting to get rid of it.

Otherwise, he seems to be doing well. His oxygen needs are low, his blood pressures are better and he just seems to be more comfortable. A couple of good days coupled with some good output will get Will ready to have a good start to the new year.


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