Monday, March 14, 2005

This blog started out as a way for us to keep family and friends updated on Will's life, but it quickly took on a life of its own as Will's story captured the hearts of so many people. We were all basically helpless to do anything for Will, but we have several opportunities this spring to help other babies and families who struggle with the effects of prematurity. We are planning to participate in two Iowa events organized to raise both awareness and money in the fight against prematurity and preeclampsia. We have felt the love and support of so many people throughout this experience and would love to have anyone who is interested join us in Iowa City for the March of Dimes Walk America on Saturday, April 30, and/or in Davenport for the first-annual Preeclampsia Foundation Walk-a-Thon on Saturday, May 7.

The University of Iowa Collegiate Council Team will walk in memory of Will in a six-mile hike through Iowa City as part of the nationwide annual event. If you're interested in joining us and the UI Collegiate Council, there will soon be a web page for registration. I'll post information here. Other walks are scheduled all over the country. If you can't make it to Iowa City, but are interested in supporting the cause, we encourage you to find out when and where your local walk will be held and sign up. My sister Ann is organizing a Will Kenyon family team for the walk in Chicago, Sunday, April 24. She invites anyone interested in that event to email her at for information.

A few weeks ago I linked to a story about a woman who died from HELLP Syndrome at University Hospitals the same week that Will died. Her family's mission now is to raise awareness, hoping to prevent even one family from suffering the heartache that the loss of their daughter/mother/wife has brought them. As part of that effort they are participating in the first ever walk-a-thon sponsored by the Preeclampsia Foundation, which will be held in a number of cities around the country on May 7, the day before Mother's Day. The Iowa walk (a 5K) will be held in Davenport and they are asking people to register by March 31 so they'll know how big an event they're actually planning, but they will also accept registrations up to the day of the walk. I have the registration materials and will email them to anyone who is interested in joining us for this walk.

We weren't sure at first that we'd feel up to events like this so soon, but it feels like the right thing to do--a way to move forward carrying Will in our hearts.


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