Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Thanks to the media coverage of Will's life, as well as the way the blogosphere has helped to spread Will's story, many people we have never met have contacted us to share their support. Many have read in Will's obituary about the memorial fund that we have established in his name and want to contribute. This is a very informal thing at this point, but already we have been overwhelmed at the response just from friends and family. Anyone who would like to contribute may do so by using the address at the top right side of this page.

We came up with the idea when thinking about the memorial service we held for Will last week. We didn't want a room full of flowers that would wilt and die, but rather wanted a longlasting way to honor Will's memory and to help others who are going through similar situations. So, we asked that people give a memorial in lieu of flowers. This spring, once we've had the chance to better deal with what happened, we plan to meet with Will's doctors to discuss his care and to try to find out more about why he didn't make it. At that time, we hope to talk with them about things related to Will's care that could benefit from more study or research, or the acquisition of equipment, for example. While we know that our fund will be modest when compared to the vast sums of grant money that usually funds such work, we know that every little bit can help, and plan to offer the total amount in the fund for that work. They may tell us that the best thing would be to use the money to buy blankets for swaddling the babies and books for parents to read to them. If so, that's what we'll do. Whatever we choose to do, I will share it here.

Though the postings will likely be less frequent, I still intend to keep this blog active. While Will is no longer with us physically, he is very much with us in spirit, and that will be something we will continue to deal with as we work through our grief. We've come this far baring our thoughts, hopes and feelings, and may as well keep going in the hope that this site and Will's life might continue to touch people.


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