Thursday, January 20, 2005

Will's doctor just came in this morning to check on him and said that she has taken care of many other babies that probably would have given up when faced with what Will is facing. Not Will. He faced it down, at least for now, and had a good night. He finally started peeing around 11 and hasn't stopped since. They have him down to needing 70 percent oxygen instead of 100 percent. Neither might sound like a big deal, but both are great news. If he keeps peeing, he can get some of this fluid off and get on the mend, and if he continues to tolerate this new ventilator it can keep him in a better place while he fights off this infection.

He's far from being out of the woods, but last night's progress was a huge step in the right direction. Beyond the emotional lift that this gave Mary and me last night, you can tell that the doctors and nurses are a bit more confident today. They know that Will responds. It's all relative, of course. He is probably just as sick as he was Tuesday, which was as sick as he had been until Wednesday, but we're hoping that yesterday was the bottom and that he's fighting his way back to the top. Today will be just as important as last night in that regard. Progress is great, but he must sustain it.

Thanks to everyone for the support. We know it helps. Dr. Colaizy said that Will obviously has deep reserves that are getting him through this. We all know how tough he is, but know too that the army of support behind him is giving him an extra little push. Three of his former attending doctors even pitched in yesterday. It was like a reunion. Dr. Klein talked with us about the new ventilator, Dr. Dagle helped out in numerous ways, and Dr. Segar (who was Will's attending for his first five days) put in the arterial line last night.

"He's going to be an interesting little boy," Dr. Colaizy said. We couldn't agree more, except to say "he is an interesting -- and wonderfully strong -- little boy."


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