Saturday, January 15, 2005

Maybe there is something about the weekend that Will just doesn't like. He can be cruising along and then Friday hits and... trouble. Today we're left waiting to learn the reasons behind this latest downturn. The good news is that his blood pressure is back to normal. They increased his dopamine and restarted hydrocortisone, both of which help with that and seem to have done the trick. They had weaned him from the hydrocortisone last week, but they are finding, as with the nitric oxide which also was restarted this week, that Will sometimes needs to be eased off of things very, very slowly.

Today he was needing more oxygen, which may be a sign that he does indeed have an infection. While they sort that out, he'll continue to go without food again. The fluid around his left lung isn't recollecting in the pleural space, though it is still coming out through the tube. That means it's still leaking, obviously, but that at least it isn't compromising his breathing.

So, while he's not doing great today, he's OK, and was doing better as the day progressed. We've been here before, several times, and need to remind ourselves that it seems like each step forward is followed by a short step back that takes a couple of days to resolve. They say that slow and steady wins the race, and this clearly is a marathon.


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