Friday, January 14, 2005

Another fairly boring post, which is just the way we like it -- rather that than to be remarkable in "let's add this to our textbooks" sort of ways. Will seems to be tolerating the breastmilk OK; three feeds (with another coming at noon) with no sign that he isn't liking it. The chylothorax continues at its slowed pace, and his doctor said that if it continues at such a slow rate and he does OK with his feeds, they'll increase the amount of milk he gets a bit over the next few days. He has slowed down in the diaper-filling department, so they're going to restart the diuretic. As a result of that slow-down, he gained weight again today, but only a few grams. So, a few small changes in an otherwise good, stable day. We'll take many more of those, please.