Monday, January 10, 2005

If ever there was a night for an ice storm that is keeping us away from the hospital, this is it. We tried to head out tonight, but there is a thickening layer of ice over everything, and we thought it best not to take a risky trip the hospital that might end with both of us as inpatients rather than just visitors. So it was a big relief when we called Will's nurse to find out how he was doing and for her to say he was having a great night. All of his stats are fantastic from the sound of things. The chest tube really seems to be making a big difference. They normally need to turn his oxygen up bit when they do his "cares," things like changing his diaper, taking his temperature, suctioning out his breathing tube, etc., but tonight he kept his oxygenation levels high throughout without a change. It was a difficult decision for the doctors to make, but after a few hours, it sure seems like the right one.

Not being able to see Will in person, I took a look back through the blog to see how far we've come. We've had a bit of the naivete smacked out of us along the way, and really learned to open ourselves up for tremendous mood swings, but we've also had the chance to spend an lot of time with an amazing little guy. Seeing the pictures as I scrolled by made me want to see them all in one place, so I created a separate post that has all of the thumbnails I've posted here over the past 11 weeks. I cheated and put it at the very beginning, but you can get to it here or by the link off to the right. Someone with better html skills could probably make a pretty snazzy page out of this, but it does the job. You get to see him go from a scrawny little thing to the wide-eyed charmer he was at Christmas. Seeing us hold him, and seeing his eyes for that matter, is hard. But we're hoping these treatment changes will hasten the time when we get to do both again. And down the road, given enough time, we'll be able to snuggle up with him here at home on a night like this and marvel at how far we've come.


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