Thursday, January 06, 2005

A quick post before bed to say that Will is doing OK. We were at the hospital later than planned because we were on "pee patrol." They've been giving Will a diuretic to help him pee off all the fluid he's taken on, and usually he responds by soaking a diaper. Tonight, several hours after his dose, he still was dry. This was perplexing, and a bit troublesome. The resident told us it means that while he has a ton of fluid in his body, not enough of it is in the right place to get to the kidneys. It needs to be reabsorbed into his system before he can get rid of it. That takes time, and as long as he is sick with the pleural effusion (which still hasn't needed tapped after 36 hours and counting...), he'll likely continue to leak fluid from his capillaries and elsewhere that will make him puffy. As usual, it's a waiting game. It doesn't help matters if he doesn't pee. However, I noticed about an hour after the last check of his diaper that he was squirming a bit more than usual, and checked. Eureka! There was pee in the diaper. Not a lot, but enough to tell us everything was still working. By the time we left, with our son now in a nice dry (and deservedly so, I might add) diaper, he was down to needing about 50 percent oxygen and seemed ready for a good night's sleep. I told him to dream of babbling brooks, raging rivers and waterfalls. We'll see if that works. If not, we may need to dip his hand in a cup of warm water the next time he dozes off.


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