Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Will was doing so well today that we braved the snow and ice to go back to the hospital tonight to spend a bit more time with him. We love going to see him any time, of course, but it's particularly satisfying when he seems to be content and doing well. He continued to breathe well, didn't need much oxygen and the fluid around his lung doesn't seem to be accumulating any more quickly. Now he really needs to get rid of all the general edema he has that has him so puffy. There's bulking up for the winter and then there's what Will is doing. He's already sleeping in a bed with a heating element above that keeps him warm enough to go shirtless, so he doesn't really the extra layer. Now, we're just hoping for more of the same or better. He's had a tough three weeks and could use a good stretch as he celebrates his 10-week birthday tonight.


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