Monday, January 03, 2005

As of this writing, the doctors still haven't needed to tap the area around Will's lung, which puts him at 30+ hours and counting since the last. That's great news, and it's hard right now to not get overconfident. We're trying to balance hope with reality. When we came in on this icy morning, Will was on 45 percent oxygen and seemed to be doing well. The only thing I would change if given the chance (other than the fact that he's on a ventilator, etc), is that I would get rid of the fluid he's retaining. He's back up over 1500 grams, and it doesn't look like a comfortable state. They're going to start him on one of the diuretics again, and that should help him to get rid of some of it again... or at least to stay even. Otherwise, things are very much the same today as they were yesterday in terms of his condition and his treatment. We like forward progress, of course, but in its absence, we'll always take stability.


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