Sunday, January 02, 2005

Right now, Will is having a great night. We know that can be an ephemeral thing, so we celebrate it for what it is: a moment where he isn't struggling against something, a time where he can rest up for the next hurdle.

When we came in today, they had recently tapped him and got 19cc. That was less that they've gotten recently, and even if you add the 10cc they got yesterday afternoon, it's still a lesser quantity over a longer time than they've gotten in the past several days. Does that mean the octreotide is now working? We'd like to think so, but we'll reserve judgment for a couple of days. No matter what gets the credit, something is working for him. Over the course of the day he needed less and less oxygen. When I left tonight he was on 38 percent, which is as low as I've seen him in days. He also received another percutaneous line -- he now has one in each leg -- to deliver medicine. These are the lines that run from around the ankle or knee area up into his lower torso. They are more efficient than IV lines, and will last longer. Will likes to keep his hands up by his face, as many babies do, as a way to comfort himself. This frees up both hands for this important task.

We know that things can deteriorate quickly for Will, but we're really hoping he's turning a corner here. As I said earlier, if nothing else, it has meant a nice stretch for him to rest and gather strength for the next thing to come.

On a lighter note, who knew we were so trendy? The many end-of-the-year wrap-up stories floating around all seem to mention blogs, including this one that would seem to suggest that Will's blog is part of a growing movement. Looking at the visitor count at the bottom of this page, which has climbed to more than 11,000, it's clear all it takes is a compelling subject and many loyal fans to make a successful page. As usual, we're glad to be able to keep so many people up-to-date through this site, and are grateful for all of the support.


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