Tuesday, January 04, 2005

For the first time in weeks, the doctors actually discussed feeding Will. No time soon, but if the fluid around his lung doesn't reaccumulate (we're up to 55 hours since the last tap and counting), they'll maybe start him on a low-fat formula called Portagen. He needs a low-fat diet because most fats are drawn into the lymphatic system and would, in Will's case, then leak right out into the pleural cavity. This formula would allow him to get some nutrition and start using his digestive system again without wreaking too much havoc with the chylothorax. I could get into the difference between medium-chain and long-chain triglycerides and such, but the point is, he might get to eat soon. This is all still a ways off, but it's encouraging to hear them discuss it.

Otherwise, he's doing pretty well. He continues to pack on the grams, topping 1600 for the first time today, but should be able to pee that off over time. He's retaining more fluid in part because they're not tapping him. Each time they did, the small hole where the needle went in would allow the general fluid in his body to leak out. He would sometimes lose 100cc or more of fluid in a day just through that hole. So, while he's bulking up a bit, the reasons behind it are still positive.


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