Sunday, January 09, 2005

Well, some good news: They were able to get an additional 45cc out of Will's pleural cavity this afternoon, and the results were immediate. The doctors say that they can watch his oxygenation levels steadily climb as they pull fluid out of that area, which means his left lung instantly responds to the decrease in pressure. It's not good that it is reaccumulating so quickly, but the fact that his lung continues to respond quickly is a good sign. In addition, my concerns about putting an IV in his head perhaps led the nurses to look one last time for a vein in his arm, and they found one. Next time he might not be so lucky, but for now his head remains free for a comforting parental cupping of the hand. So, right now he's doing pretty well. I almost forgot: his last diaper had 15cc in it. Good news for a little guy with a lot of fluid to lose. That's more in one diaper than he had all of yesterday, so we hope that is the signal of a new trend. That's what the doctors hoped for when increasing his dopamine and getting the fluid off, so it's a nice change to have the result meet expectations. Now we hope the fluid will stay off the lung for a while.


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