Friday, January 07, 2005

No one is sure why, but Will's x-ray tonight was dramatically improved and he was pretty much back to where he had been earlier this week when he put together a string of good days. They did try to tap him this afternoon, but again there was a clot that blocked the needle, this time before they got anything out of him. So, that doesn't really explain the turnaround. That's OK. We don't need explanations as long as he's doing well. When we left tonight he was on oxygen of 45 with saturations in the 90s, his blood pressure was good, his heart rate was low and he was breathing like crazy.

He got to meet his uncle P.J. today, who flew in from Phoenix for a visit. With that, Will has now met all five of his aunts and uncles. Maybe he was showing off. He still needs to pee (Will, that is) and could stand to get rid of a lot more fluid, but he was doing some of that today and will get another dose of diuretic at midnight to help speed the process.

As for the pleural effusion, since they didn't get anything today, they can't really consider that an official tap. That puts him at 60 hours and counting since the last one, and he should be able to hold out at least until morning, which would mean it had been at least another three days. It's not completely dried up, but it's obviously slowing down, which is great.


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I hope you see this. Your story about "Goodnight Moon" made me cry. What a wonderful father you have! (It was one I always enjoyed reading to my own kids too, but I never thought to offer it as they got older. Thank you.)


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