Saturday, January 08, 2005

We're here at the hospital in a waiting room, waiting, fittingly enough, for them to try to tap the area around Will's lung again. It's slow going for some reason, but we're hoping they're able to get something out of there this time. His left lung is a bit compromised, and he'll certainly benefit from having that fluid gone. He's been doing OK today, needing more oxygen than yesterday. He did actually lose some weight between yesterday and today... not sure how much, but any move in this direction is a good thing. They're really regulating his fluid right now, not giving him very much, and so they'll need to keep a close eye on things so that he doesn't get too dry. He has enough fluid, as I've written here before, but it's not in the right place.

A correction to last night's post is in order: While meeting his uncle P.J. did allow Will to meet all five of his aunts and uncles who are Mary's brothers and sisters, I neglected to count his Uncle Chris and Aunt Diana, spouses of his Aunt Ann and Uncle P.J., respectively. As one who married into this brood myself, you'd think I'd have been more careful in my count.


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