Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I never thought that I would cheer for Will to be smaller on one day than the next given the fact that he started out about as small as you can get, but I was very happy today to see him noticeably smaller than yesterday. He dropped an amazing 125 grams, and it clearly shows. His hands and feet are no longer puffy, and he just seems a bit smaller all around. He still could stand to lose a few hundred more grams over the next several days, but this is a great start. He just seemed more content, too, moving a bit more and just generally seeming more like himself. They've been able to continue weaning his ventilator settings a bit, which means it is taking less support to help him breathe.

Additional good news comes in looking at the pleural effusion, which is barely a trickle today. We're not sure why this has dried up so much again, but don't want to question it too much. His x-rays still look great, so it's not a case of the fluid building up and not being pulled out by the suction.

So, overall things are about as good as they have been in a while. He definitely deserves a few easy days after what he's been through the past few weeks.


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