Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Will continues to do really well tonight. He had a record-setting 52cc diaper this afternoon (that's Will's own personal record book, of course) and has had more going out than coming in again today, so he should be down in weight again tomorrow. He also opened his eyes today for the first time since Christmas. That's longer -- 18 days -- than he had his eyes closed after birth, which was only 9 days. It was great to see him look around again. He did so tentatively, which was no surprise. Having the peepers exposed to light and air again after two-and-a-half weeks must be quite a shock.

The effusion continues to be little more than a trickle, with only 7cc out in the past 24 hours compared to the 40cc every 12 hours he had been losing. They seem to think that increasing the nitric oxide to the levels it had been at last week should get the credit for the improvement. They've again started talking about feeding him, though that will still be a few days off under the best scenario. That's great, because he's going to seem awfully small again once he loses all of this fluid, and it will be good to get that turned around and have him bulk up the right way.


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