Friday, January 21, 2005

Once again, we're not sure what to make of Will. After doing well enough all night that we did decide to go home and get some sleep -- they were able to turn down the settings on his ventilator and he continued to pee -- he started to deteriorate this morning. First he stopped peeing around dawn as his blood pressures started falling off, then, around noon, he started needing more oxygen and was having trouble with a fluctuating heart rate. They've since gone up on the ventilator a bit again, have increased some of the medicines for his blood pressure that they had weaned, and did a scan of his heart to see if it is beating efficiently. If not, they can change some of the medicines or dosages they're giving him to help with that. So, while we're happy that he seemed to be doing better with breathing, it is distressing that his urine output and blood pressure are off again. It feels much like it did on Wednesday as we waited for his blood pressure to come up and for him to start peeing. They have said that as he fights the infection, dying bacteria will burst and the toxins that are released can cause further problems. So, while he may be getting the upper hand on the infection, it's not going to go quietly. He needs to stay strong through this so he can continue to fight this off until it's finally licked. Each time it feels like he has turned the corner, we find there is another one right after it.


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