Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Today was the first anniversary of the first issue of the Corridor Business Journal, my employer for the past year. We had a reception to celebrate, and as part of that, we laid out a display with each of the 52 issues we have made. Looking at them, I was taken aback by how recent some of the stories feel. It doesn't seem possible that we did some of these months ago. At the same time, some of the issues are a hazy memory, while others I don't remember at all. The fact that I was putting out a paper (with a lot of spectacular help, I might add) while still going to the hospital for hours each day to see Will is pretty amazing to me. I don't recall much from those three months. The issues I don't remember are those from the week Will was born, the week he died and the two weeks after. I wasn't there at all and the staff came together to put the paper out in my absence. I needed to be gone and they made it possible. It would have been a pretty remarkable year under any circumstances. Dickens might have had a year like this in mind when he wrote about it being the best of times and worst of times. There are parts I would love to have to do over, of course, but I wouldn't have missed any of it.


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