Friday, November 12, 2004

This will be a quick post, and you probably won't hear from us again for a while. Will had a very rough night, his toughest by far. Today is going to be a struggle for him. The doctors continue to adjust his treatment as they look for the things that will best help him through this, but they admit they must try many things at once and hope at least one works. He is simply so weak that any stimulation (such as changing a diaper, taking blood, changing his medicine) causes his vital signs to drop off, and it takes him an increasing amount of time to recover. They are trying to minimize those occurrences as much as they can, but when he is as sick as he is, that is difficult to do. He is holding fairly steady now, and Mary and I will stay with him today and tonight and for as long as it takes to see him through this. Your support has taken us this far. Whatever little extra push you may have to give, now is the time to give it. Thanks.


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