Monday, December 20, 2004

It seems the fluid build up around Will's left lung was not a one-time thing. Much as he did Sunday, he had a great evening with low oxygen needs, and then needed increasing amounts through the night until he was on 100 percent by morning. Seeing that he had more fluid around the lung, they tapped it again and found almost the exact same amount there as on Sunday. The fact that it built up again so quickly seemed puzzling to the doctors. They decided to keep a close eye on him today to see if it builds up again. If so, they'll insert a chest tube to drain it. If that does the trick and it dries up in the next week or so, they'll chalk it up to continued irritation caused by his PDA surgery. If not, or if analysis of the fluid shows it to be something else, there are different treatments they can try depending on what it is. They still seem to be leaning toward thinking it is related to his surgery because it is only on that side.

He continues to lose the other fluid weight, and is down to 1140 today, which is still 200 grams heavier than he was before he started taking it on last week, but more than 200 less than what he weighed at his heaviest. His boyish good looks are returning (not that they really ever left, of course) and he seems more comfortable.

One thing did go well today -- he got a new percutaneous line in his leg. This line is like an IV, but rather than going only as deep as a needle would, it has a catheter on it that travels up the leg and into his torso to better deliver medicine and food. He has one in his right hand now, but the line moved too much when he was bulked up and wasn't in a good spot. This one in his leg should be more stable. We hope they'll take out the one in his hand soon. Will really seems to be able to comfort himself when he can keep his hands close to his face, and having an IV and a bandage on that hand makes it difficult for him to do that. When you're restricted to a bed and pretty well pinned down with breathing and feeding tubes that keep you from being able to squirm too much, you find your comfort where you can.


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