Saturday, December 18, 2004

Mary and I know when we've been trumped in the parenting department. We were there this morning preparing for a visit from my parents and grandparents, and Will was being fussy. We were worried that his great-grandparents' first experience with him would be of seeing his oxygen going up and down and the nurses needing to work with him to keep him stable. So, we left him to settle down a bit and had lunch all together, then came back in. He was rock solid the entire time, acting as if it was no big thing to spend a day with four generations of family all in the same room. Will just seemed to know that he should be on his best behavior for such special visitors. We've found that Will likes to have the top of his head cupped by a hand, and I asked my grandpa if he'd like to try. He said he was worried about them being too cold, but we assured him Will could handle it. After a bit, my grandma was going to give it a try, and she, too, worried about her cold hands. My grandpa felt her hands to see if they were cold, and my grandma said, "Well, your hands are warm now, you warmed them up on Will!" Just goes to show our tough little guy isn't fazed by much of anything.

He still is retaining a lot of fluid -- he gained weight yet again today; that's nearly another pound of fluid added to his two-pound frame since earlier this week -- but they've started him on two new medicines that are supposed to help him work it through and to keep it from building up so much in the future. Until they have a chance to work, he'll continue to go without breastmilk. He's on the right track, as he has been filling up his diapers pretty regularly today.

After the excitement of the early afternoon visit, he seemed to settle in for a well-deserved nap. At this point, breathing, peeing and sleeping make up the bulk of his agenda. Today, he was primed to handle all three of those tasks.


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