Sunday, November 14, 2004

Let's get right to the good news: Will continues to pee. A lot. He had a very productive morning, and the result was a weight loss as hoped. He's a more svelte 712 grams. He has plenty more to lose -- the doctor said today he'll probably get below 600 grams over the next few days before starting to gain again -- but will soon be bulking up because of more good news: he ate for the first time this morning in more than a week. It was just 2cc of milk, but that was a big step after not having had any for quite a while. In addition, he's been taken off some of the drugs he's been on, including the morphine and ativan used to keep him sedated. That, coupled with lower oxygen and ventilator needs means Will is in a much better place than he was before. Anyone keeping up with these postings knows they have read that before, more than once, and likely will again. Don't ease up on the prayers and good thoughts just yet. But for now, Will is doing well. And when he's doing well, we're doing well.


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