Monday, December 20, 2004

I'm trying something new tonight, posting from my laptop computer in Will's room. This place is really great for people like us who spend an awful lot of time here -- because babies here come from all over the state, parents must often travel great distances to come see their children, while we live just a few minutes away. There are chairs in the room where we can sit, a closet for us to store things and, as I learned tonight, an Internet hookup. That means I can work from here sometimes and not feel the need to rush home and stay up until all hours just to get ready for the next day, and tonight, it means I can actually look right at Will as I write about him. That avoids those inevitable times when his condition has likely changed by the time I get home and find a moment to post.

So, tonight, right now, he is doing pretty well. He's pretty calm, not needing a lot of oxygen, and seems content. He continues to get rid of fluid and is slimming down. Of course, much of that was true the past two nights, so we'll need to wait and see what the early morning hours will bring. His most recent x-ray showed that while some fluid has crept back into the area around his lung (pleural effusion), it's nowhere near what it had been. That was probably true of Saturday and Sunday nights, too, so we won't pull out the party hats just yet. So far, they have seen no signs of infection in what they pulled out Sunday morning , however, which is good.


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