Saturday, April 29, 2006

Thanks to everyone who supported Team Kenyon in this year's March of Dimes WalkAmerica, remembering Will and celebrating Edward. Our Iowa City walk was this morning and we had 14 loyal walkers on our team, despite a persistent drizzle. Edward decided to stay at the park in his cozy stroller with Gram and PopPop who report that he slept through the whole thing while they pushed him around and around the picnic shelter. The rest of us navigated the puddles and completed the six mile route in a little more than two hours. (We're not convinced it is a full six miles, but we'll take credit for it anyway!)

Some sad news though. The University of Iowa student who leads the UI Collegiate Council March of Dimes group (the group that dedicated last year's walk to Will) lost a nephew this month due to complications of his premature birth in November, twelve weeks too soon. He was five months old. His twin sister is home and doing well. Our hearts go out to her whole family. We are so familiar with that emotional roller coaster and the joy and sorrow of loving a new baby while still longing for the lost one.

This is why we walk. This is why we are so grateful for those who walked with us, those who sponsored our walk, and those who support us each day.